Transfer Fund function Integrated

8 months ago


Users can now top up their advertising balance using their account balance and use that balance to advertise their website or promote referral links.
To Transfer your account balance to your purchase balance click on transfer funds tab on PTC page.


Faucet Reward Decreased

8 months ago


Due to increase in crypto prices, the reward is decreased on claims as the profit we generate from ad networks are in dollar/euro. Our main concern is the stability of the project, so we take all necessary steps to keep it online and safe for everyone and hope users can understand it.

Reward amount will be increase in future if the rates goes down.


Crypto Network Congestion

8 months ago


Dear users please be aware that the network is currently on congested. All the payments will be processed as soon as the network conditions improve as we are facing delay regarding deposit we made at faucetpay. Payment may be delayed but make sure you'll receive your payments as soon as possible.

We apologize for the inconvience you face during this network congestion period.


How To Link Your Address In

8 months ago

Hi members,

What is FaucetPay?
FaucetPay is a micro wallet provider where you receive micropayments from faucets and other sites without any extra fees.
First, click here to register on the FaucetPay site

How to link your wallet addresses:

Faucetpay linked address

After login to your faucetpay click on the LINKED ADDRESSES button as mentioned in above picture.

Faucetspin Linked addresses

  • Enter your Wallet address
  • Add currency name or add any label
  • Select currency and click on link button.

That's it. Then you'll see a message like this:

Faucetpay linked addresses

Now you can use this address to request payment from You can use this step to link bitcoin, bitcoincash and Ethereum addresses too.

You need to follow this instruction otherwise your payment will be rejected.


Special bonus and update regarding Faucetspin

8 months ago

Hi Members,
Upon crossing 60K registered users in less than 1 month, we are excited to announce a 10% deposit bonus for our beloved advertisers. Deposit bonus will be applicable upon every deposit you made until 1st March, 2021.

After deposit, send us a ticket using our contact page and 10% deposit bonus will be credited to your advertising balance ASAP.

Second news is regarding withdrawal. As you know Faucetspin is growing rapidly and we have to deal with 1000's of payments every day.
We try our best to pay a withdrawal request on time every time but sometimes it is delayed to 24 to 72 hours.

Happy earning to all and have a nice day.


News Regarding FaucetSpin Launch

9 months ago

Hello Members,
We are happy to launch But our happiness didn't lost longer. As our site server unable to handle the traffic which make site slow also hit by a DDOS attack within 24 hrs of our launch and still receiving it. We are trying every possible step to mitigate the effect of attack.

In the meanwhile our main focus was to keep our site online and pay our members ASAP. So while doing this we couldn't focus on your support request. As we received over 1000 support request we couldn't be able to reply to each and every one.most of questions are related to pending payment
So we decided to response every question here

1) Why my withdraw rejected?
There are few possible reson for your withdraw rejection:
a) You need to link your Wallet addresses to your Faucetpay account.
b) Providing unlinked address on withdraw page.
c) Providing diffent currency address to request different currency or providing incorrect wallet address.
d) do not use faucetpay deposit address for withdraw(your account must link to faucetpay)
Not only that some user while adding their Bitcoin address and bitcoincash: with their address which is invalid and you wouldn't receive payment on this address.
Here is the example how they do bitcoincash:qztl4jlnwcmanur5jn5mu0wakaq3g9mxjyysyj  as correct format is like this qztl4jlnwcmanur5jn5mu0wakaq3g9mxjyysyj   

2) Change Email address?
You are not allowed to change your email address.

3) Forget password?
In order to get new password visit login page and click on forgot password button.

4) Didn't receive activation email?
We didn't support temperary emails, so that's why you didn't receive an email. Do provide a valid email address.

5) Withdraw is pending?
We process all withdraw manually. You'll receive your withdraw with in few minutes to max 72 hrs after request.

As we already answer most common questions here so we going to remove all emails but new contact emails will be responded ASAP.

Also please read FAQ and News pages before sending email

Wish you all happy earning