What is FaucetSpin?

It's a multicryptocurrency faucet where you can claim four different cryptocurrencies. These are Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin and Ethereum. Any claims will be held in your balances which you may decide to withdraw later.

Where can I withdraw my coins?

You can click on the withdraw button on the home page and select one of the four cryptocurrencies you would like to withdraw. Please note you need to reach the given minimum withdrawal firstly. Upon reaching the minimum withdrawal, you can withdraw any coins to FaucetPay.io. You must create an account there before requesting a withdraw.

Why did my withdrawal got rejected?

Either you entered a wrong cryptocurrency address for the given cryptocurrency

You didn't link that address with your FaucetPay account.

Currently the most common issues we faced are following:

1 - Users added bitcoincash: with their address.

2 - Users added $bch instead of their address.

3 - Users added Unlinked addresses for requesting their payment.

4 - Providing Litecoin address for requesting Bitcoin cash withdraw

Make sure you don't do this otherwise we don't have any other option to keep rejecting your withdrawal request until you do it right.

How much time will it take to process withdrawal?

Withdrawal of funds from Faucetspin occurs within 3 working days.

Why can't I register on the platform?

You might have used a trashmail address which is forbidden to use on the platform.

Why am I unable to claim coins?

Either someone within your network already claimed coins or you use a non-residential IP address. To make a claim, please use your residential IP address.

Why am I banned?

You got caught doing fraudulent activites, such as double-claims or using non-residential IP address. Please contact the support for more information.